Sanchez For A Better Tomorrow

Born on July 25, 1969, in Burlington, WI, Angel Sanchez is the fourth son of Javier and
Natividad Sanchez.  He grew on the Southside of Milwaukee, WI where his father worked
in a foundry.  His siblings include Javier, Luis, Ron, Luciano. Rosario, Angelica, Jose
and Jesus.  Angel was educated in the Milwaukee Public School System, attending
Allen Field Elementary School, Kosciusko Middle School and South Division High School.

As a child Angel was involved in the Boys Scouts and loved watching Bob Hope entertain
the Troops on television.  In High School, Angel was a member of the Vica-Vocational
Industrial Club of America and helped lead the South Division Soccer team to four consecutive city and two state championships.  Angel also worked for  Harry Kuntowski, owner of "Kuntowski Meat Market", to help his mother while his father was away working in California.  After High School, Angel went on to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications in 1996.  He has also taken courses from the Dale Carnegie training Institute.  He is the founder of the city's Graffiti Removal Program.  He also volunteered as an auxiliary police officer at District #2 for the Milwaukee Police Department.

The next four years of Angel's life define a period of searching for his niche in society.   He started his own business, Sanchez Construction Inc., was a substitute teacher in the Milwaukee Public School System, played semi-pro football with the Milwaukee Express and the Racine Raiders, and even competed professionally in several combines.   

At the age of 30, wanting to make a difference in the City of Milwaukee, Angel ran for the Aldermanic position in the 12th District and won.  While in office he led the city with more than 250 million dollars of development creating jobs and asked for the resignation of Arthur Jones.  Angel took many courageous stands for the people of his district and the city of Milwaukee.

Since his time in office, Angel has focused on the community and his family.  Angel and Katherine, his fiancee, had a son Jacob in 2005, and a daughter Samantha in 2011.  Since then Angel has purchased several homes in the neighborhood and repaired them providing great clean affordable housing.  In 2009, Angel received a patent from the United States Patent office for an electrical adjustable outlet box.  In his spare time he is writing a book that he would like to publish regarding Milwaukee and the future forecast of the economy in our Country.   Angel remains focused on the community and making it a better place for families.  Moving forward in 2012 we want to continue to improve the 12th District so families can work, raise their families in a safe environment, with quality health care and education.

Authorized and paid for by Sanchez For A Better Tomorrow, Katherine Buyze as Treasurer.